Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last Day in Korea

Night visit to Seoul Tower not enough last night?...why? we reached there at 10pm and the entry further up the tower was we decided to go for a day visit there instead and also to visit the Teddy Bear Museum wish to do so haha!cuz we didnt manage to go to the original Jeju Bear Museum..this is like a sub-museum of it..

This is what we see from the observatory. The tower in the pic resembles Tokyo Tower isnt it?.,Day scenery was equally spectacular..kinda foggy that day but was all right..

Bear representative of a famous Korean actor
Historical reasons on why bear museum occurs here in Korea..
pics taken below are all on jus a portion of it aha..
very cute for some
we're glad we came..

Royal Bears

Celebrating soccer victory!
Christmas in Seoul

Getting punished because of mischeviousness?
Getting married in olden days

Scholarly Bear writing a long piece of letter

Taking Exams

Vandalism is my goal!

The bear which I brought back to Singapore
Left the museum after a good deal of photo-taking with the bears..had to take a cable car back from the observatory to the subway station..alternatively, you can walk down via a lovely path if you have the time..good exercise in this weather..
Visited Namdaemun Market..heard that the gate was burnt down by some crazy fella who was smoking..too bad..this market aint selling fashion stuff..mainly it sells those household items..clothes for little kids and handbags..and much food which offers great taste~
These ladies are offering money exchange for tourists..

Time flies when you are always happens!
Is time to return to hotel and meet up with the rest and tourguide for our jouney to the airport..before that..he brought us to a place to buy food like seaweed..cookie etcs..i personally think you can buy those at cheaper prices in the markets..which we didnt!and are too obedient..lesson learnt: get those food products from markets next time..not those shops your guide say will bring u to..

When your food is ready, this device will produce a beeping sound for you to go to counter to collect your food..eating Bibimbap before we left Korea..

Meals we had on our way back to Singapore in SQ..Super delicious..

Most likely to visit Korea again in the near future and a trip to Jeju by ourselves to spend the rest of the Won haha..we had pretty much left from this trip..

An interesting journey so far excl those hiccups..
We do have a great time in the pleasant weather, pleasant tour kakis, and unforgettable scenery.
Possibly a good time to visit Korea will be during Autumn and Winter season
Till then... ;)

Seoul City Tour I

We were arranged to have Chinese breakfast for today. Long time no eat..this restaurant was located in area where most Chinese stay in Seoul..

Doggy spotted along the way

Handsome and Tall Policeman on Rollerblades

Blue House Behind

Traffic LightsAnother suave policeman
We went to learn Kim-chi making first before making our way to the palace..act is very simple..just have to buy the veggies, sauce...and patience!we also got to wear Hanbok costumes for picture-taking..simple to wear but I prefer kimonos haha

The instructor

The mediocre student

The Officer

We went to the National Folk Museum of Korea to appreciate its tradition and culture..from weddings and has deep explanations on all of them..A good way to grasp all about Korea in a short time!

Kimchi in-the-house
Gyeongbokgung Palace..the filming location of 宫- 我的野蛮王妃. Very huge palace..and beautiful scenery..huge gardens..I duno what people of the past do? practising swords? flying kites? playing hide-and-seek will be super challenging cuz the compounds are so big!how to find???architecture and design of its roofs were fantastic..jus keep me awed at those sights..and intricate designs..

Me with a korean lady tour guide
Picnicking under a tree..

Afternoon was shopping time @ Face Shop. We first went to a beauty session to understand about how to protect skin and the secrets behind the beauty of Korean ladies face..why so unflawed and pretty? Lots of hard work of cuz and discipline..As they say
Learnt about the 5 essential layers which all Korean women applied before stepping out of their house..and thats not inclusive of cosmetics of cuz..

Korea is definitely a paradise to buy cosmetics, facial and skin products.Prices are much cheaper than in Singapore and you got to see it yourself to believe it!

Next is Insadong Street.a place full of antiques, portraits, art galleries, streetfood, restaurants..quite interesting street..had some very tasty food..there are also live performances..

This is one piece I'll never forget..totally oishii!

Some ET from the outerspace which landed on Planet Earth

Our last dinner was spent at this BBQ restaurant which is totally NOT FANTASTIC! Most of us had complaints over this as this is not the kind of authentic bbq place which we wanna for the sake of eating..end up we decide to visit a more authentic BBQ meal the next day..sigh..what a shame..

after returning back to hotel, we decide to maxmise our time in Seoul by revisiting the city by ourselves..we went to Myeongdong Fashion Street for some shopping and exploring..we also went up to Seoul Tower at night..very breathtaking scenery from the tower and along the cable car ride..
Their Subway
Seoul TowerReached our hotel at midnight..Tsukaremashita ne~